Upcoming project Anthropogenic Markers


Supported by Mondriaan Fonds through the Proven Talent working grant.

Tutor at Sandberg Instituut, “F for Fact” MA program 2020-2022, Amsterdam, NL

Publication/Conversation: with Caroline A. Jones out now in RESOLUTION #1 “Hot Pictures”

“Ghost Ship in the Machine: On the Emergence and Responsibility of the Cybernetic Film Director” essay published in Attraction Magazine Issue #2


Publication/Artist Commission: For the Anthropogenic Markers project I have been commissioned to produce a multi-media dossier on biotic change which will be published digitally on the Anthropocene Curriculum website.

Publication: The forthcoming book Art and Climate Change, edited by Maja and Reuben Fowkes and published by Thames & Hudson, will include my short film Geological Evidences.

Residency/Artist Commission: Walk&Talk, 2021-2022, Azores, PT