Geological Evidences

Featured on Vdrome, with an interview by Charles Stankievech

4k/UHD near infrared video with sound

10 minutes

Drawing from genres of science-fiction and documentary and filmed entirely in infrared, “Geological Evidences” address the current uncertainty about the position and future of humans in relation to the earth and climate change. An unclear and unsettling relationship between past, present, and future haunts a landscape that at times seems like another planet, the contemporary moment seen through non-human eyes, or a post-apocalyptic world. “Geological Evidences” was filmed in Schöningen, Germany, in and around an archaeological excavation. The immediate area also includes the open-cast coal mine within which the archeological excavation is located, an exhausted and backfilled coal mine, a coal burning power plant and its waste-water pool, as well as a pasture with horses related to the Paleolithic wild horses hunted in prehistoric Europe.  Infrared radiation is emitted by the earth; it is trapped by the greenhouse gases; this, and the ancient drive for calories (heat units) led to filming in infrared.

Funding provided by the European Commission/NEARCH