Water-snake receiving its young into its mouth (A platform: towards a genealogy of the persistence of substance and presence through time and across space based on the fact that William Avery Rockefeller Sr. and son John D. Rockefeller Sr. were incarnations of the rainbow serpent -- mediator of disease and transmitter of the knowledge of medicine)

“Water-snake receiving its young into its mouth.” engraving from 1884 popular magazine, Standard Oil crate, portrait of William Avery Rockefeller Sr, Standard Oil salesman kit with vials arranged by hue, snake eggs, tinted acrylic sheets, blanket fragment, cut print of document from Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow historical society archives showing Five Generations of Rockefellers, digitally manipulated and printed image of “Whatever happened to Standard Oil?” graphic, photo print (detail of Mankind sculpture from Rockefeller Center), The Rainbow Serpent with “A studio portrait of John D. Rockefeller in 1884,” acrylic, reclaimed wood, folk cane from western NY