Installation view of the Poisons installation which included:

Vessels for the Transfer between and Transmigration of Molecules (front/center)
Mapacho tobacco decoction, Uña de Gato (Uncaria tomentosa) decoction, Victorian eye wash cups, MDF, wood glue and Mapacho tobacco decoction mixture, wood glue and Uña de Gato decoction mixture, enamel

The Poisoner’s Workbench (left/rear)
MDF, acrylic sheet, enamel paint, wood glue mixed with Passiflora incarnata decoction, wood glue mixed with Nicotiana rustica decoction, wood glue mixed with Uncaria tomentosa decoction, wood glue jugs, tubing, brass
fixtures, mason jars, steel pot with tobacco decoction, various other plants.

Nothing Without Poison: Windows, Walls (rear)
humidifier with Mapacho tobacco decoction, Arches paper with stains from insufflated tobacco juice, acrylic sheet, apple (pierced by acrylic sheet), wood glue mixed with Uña de Gato, enamel paint, MDF, oxygen tube, sketch-book, Pharmako/poeia pp. 208-209 with a phrase from The Book of Lambspring in graphite.