A Ball of Snakes

“A Ball of Snakes” engraving from 1884 popular magazine, serpent’s egg, Masterpieces of Primitive Art:  The Nelson A. Rockefeller Collection, medical tape, paper, Art at Work:  The Chase Manhattan Collection, cut laser print of unrealized plaza designed to bridge Rockefeller Center and the Museum of Modern Art, digital print (of laser print of cover and interior page of Marcel Mauss’ The Gift with a fragment of snake skin), Thy Will Be Done:  The Conquest of the Amazon:  Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil, page from The Museum of Animated Nature, serpent’s egg, Rockefeller Medicine Men:  Medicine & Capitalism in America, laser print of Resolutions establishing the International Health Commission, World Health Organization poster, wood frame, tinted acrylic, white oak, acrylic