The Golden Hour

gold-leafed Coca-Cola bottles filled with mate de coca prepared with water from Frederic Church’s Olana (with sodium bicarbonate), jugs with press on vinyl letters containing Olana water, jugs with press on vinyl letters containing discarded Coca-Cola, hooded sweatshirt, chair, bottle capper, gold bottle caps, paper bag, plastic bag with press on vinyl letters, jar with press on vinyl letters containing sodium bicarbonate, hot plate, stainless steel pot, coca tea bags, gold foil tape, post cards of Frederic Church’s painting The Andes of Ecuador from Reynolda House Museum of American Art (former R. J. Reynolds mansion) gift shop, Goldwork and Shamanism: An Iconographic Study of the Gold Museum of the Banco de la Republica, Colombia by Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff, postcards of St. John’s Melkite Catholic Church, photograph of site specific plein air painting at the former R. J. Reynolds Mansion, photograph, 14 page article on coca, gold binder clips, acrylic sheets, vitrine, wood, paint

4’ x 13’ x 7’