Within the Temple Without

Official selection of IFFR - International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019

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“Within the Temple Without” is a journey into the economic unconscious—which is now collective and digital. This journey takes the structure of a dream. The pathway to the Temple of Apollo in Delphi is lined with treasuries for the gods; the alchemical symbol of the caduceus, carried by Hermes, was created from the expulsion of serpents at the Temple of Apollo. The caduceus and other alchemical symbols can be found all over the Bank of England, which drew on alchemical ideas to develop a credit based currency; it became the template of central banks. The Bank for International Settlements in Basel Switzerland is the central bank of the central banks and largely exists outside of any governmental jurisdiction. Handheld video has been algorithmically stabilized, creating an unstable frame and uncanny, convulsing images. Carl Jung’s work with alchemy and the unconscious—both individual and collective—further informs the work. The narrative itself is delivered by a computer application rather than a human. Manipulated and composed sounds from ATMs provide the soundtrack.

Geological Evidences

4k/UHD infrared video with sound

13 minutes

Drawing from genres of science-fiction and documentary and filmed entirely in infrared, “Geological Evidences” address the current uncertainty about the position and future of humans in relation to the earth and climate change. An unclear and unsettling relationship between past, present, and future haunts a landscape that at times seems like another planet, the contemporary moment seen through non-human eyes, or a post-apocalyptic world. “Geological Evidences” was filmed in Schöningen, Germany, in and around an archaeological excavation. The immediate area also includes the open-cast coal mine within which the archeological excavation is located, an exhausted and backfilled coal mine, a coal burning power plant and its waste-water pool, as well as a pasture with horses related to the Paleolithic wild horses hunted in prehistoric Europe.  Infrared radiation is emitted by the earth; it is trapped by the greenhouse gases; this, and the ancient drive for calories (heat units) led to filming in infrared.

Funding provided by the European Commission/NEARCH

When this conjurer’s trick has been performed

HD video of site specific action


I created a pattern based on the tropical scene on the Bank of England’s 10 pound note; this pattern was then used to create a “camouflage” suit which I wore in the Tijuca Forest in Brazil. This is where Darwin spent a significant time developing his theories in which he applied ideas from political economy—he was reading not just Malthus, but Adam Smith—to nature. The site specific actions included looking at water marks of animals in Brazilian currency, photographing, and reading passages from Adam Smith. The quote “When this conjurer’s trick has been performed, the same theories are transferred back again from organic nature into history and it is now claimed that their validity as eternal laws of human society has been proved” is from one of Engels’s letters.

Things in Common between Dreams and Animal Behavior

Experiments in interspecies communication—using pages from Gregory Bateson’s “Metalog: What is an Instinct?”

Produced by Ramdom, Progetto GAP, 2015